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WARNING: The sound you are about to hear my affect you forever.  A Satellite launched in 1965 only communicated with Earth for two years.  In 1967 this Satellite went into an uncontrollable spin.  The batteries disintegrated and forever lost power.  Recently this Satellite started communicating with the Universe once again.  How can this be?

I have to give you the story of my heart.  As all Americans we have questions.  As all Americans we have answers.  But what we do with those questions and answers is the biggest problem facing America today.  Do want to be right for the sake of losing Honor?  We are all Americans and that is what should come first if we want to survive as a society!

             Be apart of our world

  what happened to sherri papini

With thousands of Troll's out there speculating I believe the real reason for Sherri Papini's disappearance is as simple as it gets.  The evidence is going to lead us to one place.  The truth. This Documentary short shows the realization of life and that anyone at anytime can be taken for any reason.  Even no reason at all.

                   Hey Starbucks!!!

Not only is Starbucks selling WAY to much CRAP they are getting lazy when it comes to their drinks.  I have spent THOUSANDS at coffee houses around the Country and I am no longer allowing myself to get treated as a second class citizen!  ANYWHERE!

    What is a Documentary Short?

Explanation of the new show Documentaryshort.com.  I also discussed the way people cut their video on YouTube.  I used to find it annoying but have learned to like it because it simplifies the process and gets rid of a lot of dead air.

All talk and lots of action.  FireInAmerica.Com 2PM to 4PM Central starting July 1st 2016 (On a Friday) then all shows will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays 2PM-4PM Central.

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