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Hello and welcome.  Whi Radio is now becoming Whi Media Network.  We are going to put to bed the Radio part of our business for now.  The music industry is a tough market while trying to attract advertisers.  I have tried for over one year now to complete the order I need to sustain my Radio Company.  We are still going to broadcast and use the Whi Radio Brand but without the music.  We will be doing live Radio Broadcasts via Blog Talk Radio from time to time.


Please let me give you some Great News.  We are now going to concentrate heavily on producing News Stories, Documentary Shorts and video intro promotions for other companies.  This new adventure requires zero investment (other than what we have already spent) until we acquire new clients.  We are learning daily many aspects of designing great content to help our clients.  The amount of attention we are getting from our videos is outstanding to say the least.  Whi Media Network will move rapidly toward the high demand of great video content.  We look forward to this new venture and hope you will follow our progress with the glee for entertaining content. – Walter Gatlin

           Whi media amazing finds!

On today's Whi Media Network "Amazing Finds"  We discovered three things.  Something weird is happening.  Found a off stamped 1982 penny.  Two rare Canadian pennies.  Please like, subscribe and share.  If you don't like the video please say why so I can make them better.  Please be nice.  Thanks and God Bless.

      lay me down - brianna gatlin

        whi media drone footage

         what's happening iowa!!!

Did you know that the ENTIRE State of Iowa has 700 thousand LESS people than the city of Los Angeles?  WOW!  I love Iowa, I live Iowa and now I am broadcasting from Iowa.  Whi Radio is all about Iowa's 99 counties, news stories from around the world, the people that live in it, sing in it and the stories they create.



"Information, music, important news and happenings in the great state of Iowa and across the Nation."

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