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Did you know that the ENTIRE State of Iowa has 700 thousand LESS people than the city of Los Angeles?  WOW!  I love Iowa, I live Iowa and now I am broadcasting from Iowa.  Whi Radio is all about Iowa's 99 counties, news stories from around the world, the people that live in it, sing in it and the stories they create.



"Information, music, important news and happenings in the great state of Iowa and across the Nation."


Now playing old time radio shows Monday thru Friday at 5PM Central.  Get your popcorn, close your eyes, open up your imagination and enjoy!  :-)

  whi youtube original song pick

Whi Radio's YouTube Original song of the week is an uplifting ballad that will show you exactly what an artist thinks and does while really getting into the song.  As you can see the firm expressions in his face as he sings.  The hurt, the pain, the struggle and the strength of it all.  Great song Alex and keep putting them out there.

                                                   Whi Radio.  Grinnell, Iowa

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     All talk and lots of music from kids.  kidscoverbands.Com 2PM to 4PM Central.

                          Going in partnership on BlogTalkRadio & Airtime Pro July 1st 2016.

BIG NEWS!  The Gatlin Bro. finished their first Christmas Album in more than ten years!  Digital Pre-sales start Oct. 28th and the album will be availible for purchase on black friday, Nov. 25th!  The album is called "We say Merry Christmas."  Click here to pre-order.

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